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Print technology is constantly changing. At More Than Ink Printing, we deliver modern technology that offers the most efficient and highest quality printing product for our customers. With offset and digital printing technology, More Than Ink has the flexibility you need to keep your costs low without sacrificing quality. Let your print be more than ink at More Than Ink Printing.

Digital Services

More Than Ink provides full copy, print and large format printing on digital machines that take your ideas from digital image to finished product quickly and affordably. These are perfect for smaller quantities or jobs with variable information on them.

Offset Printing

Offset Printing

The traditional ink press is still the best quality for high impact and high quantity color jobs. With computerized presses, we can turn around your job quickly and accurately, providing both full color and spot color printing.

File Submission

We accept the following file types for printing:

  • Adobe Illustrator

    Version CS6 or earlier
    Outline type
    Ensure CMYK mode for best results
    Delete all stray points (Select > Object > Stray Points, delete)
    Do not create spot swatches except for desired Pantone inks; all other swatches should be used in process color

  • Adobe InDesign

    Version CS6 or earlier; Perform Package to include all fonts and links

  • EPS File

    Ensure CMYK mode for best results
    Outline type


    Please proof carefully for page shifts, which are common with Excel

  • GIF Image

    We do not recommend GIF images for printing due to their low resolution; if necessary, we will convert it to a CMYK process but the results may not be optimum. TIF images are preferred.

  • JPEG Image

    We do not recommend JPEG files for printing, TIF images will result in a better quality; JPEG will be converted to CMYK but the results may not be optimum.

  • Photoshop

    Version CS6 or earlier; ensure CMYK mode for best results; flatten all objects to reduce file size.

  • PNG Image

    We do not recommend using PNG images for printing due to their low quality results; we recommend using TIF images instead; PNG files will be converted to CMYK but the results may not be optimum.

  • Publisher

    Perform “pack and go” to embed all links and fonts.

  • Quark XPress

    Version 7 (Mac only) or earlier; Perform “Collect for Output” to include all links and fonts.

  • TIF Image

    The preferred format for printed images; ensure CMYK mode for best results.

  • Word

    Send all graphics separately, including photos and clip art, and also place them in the document.

A Word About Bleeds

Bleeds are generally handled differently by various design programs. If the artwork includes a bleed, please provide as much detailed information about the bleed as possible when submitting the artwork. Remember to provide room for trimming and keep text and images away from the trim area.

If you have additional questions or a different file type, please contact our Graphics Department for assistance.

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