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Promotional ProductsGuarantee long-term recognition!
If you are looking to expand your business and brand, you may want to consider custom promotional products; you can keep your company fresh in the minds of potential clients as you go about your day-to-day business. 

Everyone loves free stuff!
Choose from a large variety of promotional products that cover a range of user interests; from apparel to useful tools and office equipment, your company can stand out with fully customized products from More Than Ink Printing. With our promotional products, your company branding is never far from sight.

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More Than Ink is your go-to source for affordable, high-quality promotional products. We offer thousands of customizable products to help you promote your small business, build brand awareness, beef up your marketing campaigns, or commemorate special events with friends and family.

Below we have a site setup to search a variety of promo options.  If you need assistance choosing the right product or personalizing your order, give us a call or email us and one of our team members will be glad to help.  If you have a specific direction or theme we can also help to narrow down options and work within your given budget.



When working on your print jobs or promotional products, we do require the right artwork. We can work with your print ready files or have our team of graphic designers help with customizing your artwork.

Artwork that is print-ready is best received in high-quality vector* format, but full-scale raster** artwork can also be used. When submitting the art for your order, please ensure that the artwork is in a workable file type (.PDF, .PSD, .AI, .TIF, etc.) and is properly scaled for the size of your job.

*Vector - Vector artwork is an image created of points and paths. This results in artwork that is editable, scalable, and able to be separated for spot color reproduction.
Common Vector file formats include: .ai, .fh(x), .cdrm, and .indd (these formats may also contain raster artwork).

**Raster - Raster artwork is an image created of many pixels. This results in artwork that is not editable, scalable, or able to be separated for spot color reproduction.
Common Raster file formats include: .jpg, .bmp, .psd, .tif, and .pcx.

If you are unable to provide print-ready files, our on-hand graphic artists can work on that for you. Artwork setup starts at $15.00 and varies based on time & effort spent in making sure that your art is perfect for your needs.

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